Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1981 Covers

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Being a child growing up in the 70's and 80's the Street and Smith Baseball Yearbooks were always a must have for any baseball fan.

My first post is straight from my childhood. To this day I can remember seeing that photo of George Brett!


1981 Covers-First thing I noticed is that S & S did away with the side panel color. I like this much better than what they did in 1980. It allows the reader to see a larger image of the players. And they made the photo of the players overlap the Baseball title.
Nice touch!

What a great cover! George Brett going for .400 that year, it was an exciting season.
Cover observations: Blue Title with yellow background (Blue to match the Royals?)
This was the only cover that I thought existed, little did I know that their were other covers for the same issue......

Ricky Henderson-Oakland A's
I really like how the header on the cover matches the A's yellow on there uniforms and the green fonts match as well.

Mike Schmidt-Philadelphia Phillies
Cover observations: Black and Red and White. Looks nice together.

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